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Ceae Face Mask

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Ceae 100% Organic Cotton 3ply layer masks

CEAE high Quality Face Masks are made from 2 layers of compact 100% Organic, Eco-friendly cotton fabric. The 3rd or the middle layer is made of a high-quality, Melt blown filter.

Both the side seams are secured using fine knitted 100% organic cotton rib fabric and are attached to OEKO tex certified Elastic ear loops.

Our masks come with a full length concealed nose bridge to achieve a very secure fit over your nose and face.

Our masks are super affordable, washable & reusable, and we have tested them for all the below parameters.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 96%, EN 14683

Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE): 98%, ASTM F2100-19/F2299

Breathability/Different Pressure: 3.14 mm H20/cm2, EN 14683

Flammability: 16 CFR 1610, Class 1

Splash Resistance: 80mmHg, ISO 22609-2004,

Appearance after wash: 30 machine wash cycles at 30 degrees, AATC 150:2003

Our Masks are machine washable- 30 machine wash cycles at 30 degrees